Monday, April 30, 2007

Georgia on this date...

My friend (and weather legend) J.B. Elliot posted the following today:
* 1953 on this date is when a tornado struck Warner-Robbins AFB at Macon killing 18 people. A very memorable video came out of that event. It showed a building being lifted completely into the air and then disintegrated.

* 82,000 is how many acres burned by the wild fires in South Georgia (2 separate fires) as of today. Reports are that the fires are 70% contained but they may not be totally contailed till it rains. Northerly winds blew some of the smoke as far south as Orlando over the weekend.

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Rick said...

Thats awesome as I have the video. It was one of the first films used to calculate wind speed by using flyig debris! To bad the film clip isnt very long. Guess the guy had to take cover.