Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paging Mr. Hatchell to the Weather Center

Paging Mr. Hatchell (WSFA-12 TV's weather nerd) and Montgomery are going to be busy soon! Just an hour or so away from the Montgomery metro area, this cell is pounding Oakhill, AL.

Also, from Mesoscale Discussion #491:
"long-lived potentially tornadic supercell continues its newd
movement across scntrl al...coincident and with near steady warm
frontal influences. latest sfc analysis suggests airmass continues
to destabilize inland with moderate buoyancy and strong shear along
a zone from srn al...newd into cntrl ga. tornadic threat remains
high along this zone...especially ahead of supercell over wilcox
county al." Go to for the 'Full Monty.'

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