Monday, April 23, 2007

Weather News Bulletin

This just's the outlook for yesterday, today, and tomorrow across the southeast, "potential too low..." [[[[ NOT breaking news ]]]].

Okay, we get the idea...ain't nothing guana happen here, but if you buy this house (in Norman, OK) you are guaranteed to see 25 tornadoes from the comfort of your front porch [we do have them in back porch models, as well - consult your realtor]. It's a fixer-upper, only been used by a little old lady who survived the Moore tornado in 1999 and is now retired in Florida.

Sorry, feeling a little SDS kicking me in my [censored].



Rick said...

ROTFL!!!! Now this is good stuff!

Dewdrop said...

Don't feel too bad... I wish I could have gotten the Dr. to write that RX... a good chase would do me pretty good right about now...