Friday, June 15, 2007

Wisconsin Tornado

On June 7 an EF-3 tornado struck Central and Northeast Wisconsin. NASA captured this satellite image of the twister's track through the woods. This is where you should have been Dew!


Dewdrop said...

I actually talked to a chaser who was right beside this tornado and could not see it. Chasing in Wisconsin is a bear, and he and his son were in considerable danger during the chase. The trees and hills make it near impossible to have any visiblity. We were playing it safe staying out of Wisconsin. It was a conscious decision, and I am not disappointed in it. Rule #2 in storm chasing... Be smart, live to chase another day.

Mike said...

Wow...thanks for that story...I've been there and I believe it. Wisconsin sounds almost as bad as Alabama for chasing...not as hilly, though. I saw the Twister Sisters on the National Geographic Channel the other day.