Monday, August 6, 2007

Why blog, especially about the weather?

Rick posted a very thought provoking entry on his blog yesterday. Here's my take:

It all gets back to WHY you blog in the first place. "Community" is certainly a part of it for me. It is also cathartic. I also like to document (for myself) things that happen. I like being able to go back and have a blog entry I wrote bring back memories. I learn a lot about myself and whatever subject I am blogging about that way (time capsule effect). It has been really cool getting to know a little bit about other bloggers and sharing our common love of weather.

One more thing! There is always weather to write about. A hot and sticky 98 degree day like today, weather in the news, weather history, weather terminology, etc., etc.... Weather is the most talked-about subject in the world and it's gratifying to know that there are apparently a few people out there that enjoy reading our ramblings.


Rick said...

True, I stand corrected...Hate Hot!! Hate Humid!! AARRRRGGHH!!

Dewdrop said...

I agree with you, Mike. If it was not for blogging, I wouldn't have met all the wonderful Mike's of weather... Seriously, I have generated some wonderful friendships stemming from the blog world. The blog community has been a wonderful resource for learning and growing in my passion and hobby.