Saturday, December 15, 2007

South of Monticello, FL

Dew and Rick's location

Just off the phone with Dewdrop. Dew and Rick were near I-10 south of Monticello at 9 p.m., just off Phelps-Horn Road. Rick will have to explain later why he took the safety off his 9 mm. This blog entry will be a critical link if Dewdrop comes up missing.

A line of strong storms was approaching them from the west.

Take care Dew. Be nice Rick.


Dewdrop said...

Love that you documented that one Mike. Way to have my back. Thanks for all your support, Mike... and Mike and Jay too. You guys are the BEST!!! Now, I am going to bed. I will try to post a complete update tomorrow.


Rick said...

Unwritten rule when chasing in the middle of nowhere..Be prepared for carjackings by tornadoes!! ;-)

Mike said...

I don't blame you Rick, especially after reading your post and the situation you ran into before.