Friday, February 8, 2008

Lawrence/Morgan counties in Alabama

The NWS Huntsville has incresed the Lawrence/Morgan, AL tornado to EF4. I cannot argue. It leveled a 2400 sq ft brick house. Today was a day of amazing stories from Lawrence County which I have posted and will continue to update on my blog.

Sadly, a 73 year old lady who attends church with a friend of mine passed away last night for the fourth fatality in Lawrence and the 5th (and hopefully last) in Alabama.

They had kept her on life support, knowing she would pass, so that her son could arrive from Michigan to visit her one last time. I was told that her house basically exploded and she was blown out of it.

For all the interest we wx geeks have in severe wx, the reality is lives are changed forever as a result. I appreciate the fact that this team keeps that in the forefront of our minds when we talk about this stuff.

Check this out from NWS Huntsville!
"The radar images below are storm relative velocities taken from the early morning hours of Wednesday, February a supercell thunderstorm tracked through Lawrence and Morgan Counties in north central Alabama. The strong rotational couplet is represented by the bright green/red colors in close proximity to each other...which are located just east of Haleyville, Alabama at the start of the loop sequence. Notice a small black bar with text that appears in each window. Within this bar are velocity data (in knots) and elevation data (both in feet above MSL and AGL). You can follow the supercell as it tracked through north central Alabama. The images begin at 241 AM CST and end at about 331 AM CST as the feature weakened and moved into Limestone County. This supercell produced a destructive tornado along much of its path."

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