Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alabama Mike is live!

Currently nowcasting for Alabama Mike as he sets himself up for an intercept of the tornado warned with "confirmed tornado" that was at 0856 CDT 11 miles west of Red Bay, Alabama. I have got him headed toward Rogersville, AL on US 72 to await update at that time.

You can watch his live stream at this link.

This early report from NWS/Memphis.
832 AM CDT THU MAY 08 2008

0804 AM TORNADO 3 W TUPELO 34.26N 88.78W

0804 AM TORNADO 4 W TUPELO 34.26N 88.80W

0815 AM TORNADO 4 NNW TUPELO 34.32N 88.76W

9:37 CDT update: That same tornadic supercell is still tracking its way across the southern states, and Alabama Mike is on target for an intercept somewhere between Rogersvile and Killen, AL on Highway 72. Persistent cell.

I am following the ABC 33/40 Weather Blog for help with real time information.

Update 1006 CDT: Yes, folks.. we have the Alabama Mikevoid... Sorry Mike.

Update 1036CDT: Mike is setting up in Florence, AL for a hopeful intercept of the squall that has now formed. One little cell just formed ahead of it. My thoughts are that it could ramp up its juice and make something of itself. Stay tuned.

6 minutes later... padow! Tornado warning...

1105CDT update... still warned...Look at the cloud tops in the squall line over central MS. I got this image from ABC 33/40's Weather Blog.

1215CDT Update: He is on another tornado warned cell, but it is terribly rain-wrapped. Damage reports off Oakland.
Storm Prediction Center
Preliminary Storm Reports

1234CDT Mike is headed south... into another tornado warned area. Another 2 tornado warnings... and everything is rain-wrapped if there... of course, Mike is on the wrong side of the storm since the squall is moving so fast.

Requested capture for Mike... 1310-1320CDT, while he has heavy rain and small hail (pea sized at most). HE JUST REPORTED A WALL CLOUD!!!

1331CDT Update: This system is popping warnings like crazy now, many around where Mike has been today and is...

1348CDT Update: Mike's next intercept... close to home.

1409CDT Update: Really eerie listening to Mike's tornado sirens after watching his tornado warning go up covering the entire county. Along the way, I have updated his position to the best of my ability with the red plus sign. The guy in the store told Mike to try not to get "blown away"... good advice. Sirens still blaring...
try not to get "blown away"...

1431CDT Update: Mike is seeing crazy cloud activity to his west, potential wall cloud up near Cullman area, seeing definite rotation.

1439CDT Update: Mike called in rotation to the NWS office, such a responsible spotter... reports of power outages and trees down in Cullman, AL.

1514CDT Update: Mike is calling it a day... (can't blaim him... dangerous conditions having tornadic supercells rain-wrapped pulsing within a squall line with absolutely NO visibility. It's really not worth the risk), something about a menu item at the Taco Bell... lol. Sorry about the terrible visibility, Mike. It was a great adventure, and I enjoyed chasing vicariously with you. Here's a quick look at what is headed to Birmingham, AL during school dismissal/early rush hour time... Birmingham and Tuscaloosa are two areas I have half an eye on...Here is a clickable link to storm reports for today, which will update with time. There are already 8 tornado reports, and this storm will be producing into the night. Weather radios in the "on" position, please.



Storm Chasing Mikey said...

I'm watching his live stream, is that you on the phone with him doing the nowcasting Dew???? 2:42pm EST.


Dewdrop said...

That's me, Mikey! It's pretty wild. Cool though... there is about a 10 second delay, so if I miss something he says, I just listen on the live stream and give a delayed response. lol.

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Definitely sounds like it isn't the best day to get a good view of any rotation coming your way.....Cullman is about to get something it sounds like at 3:42 EST.


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

WOW!...too guys are doing AWESOME! :)

Mike said...

AAA+++ #1 Supremely awesome job Dewdrop! You had me in all the right places at the right times. You called these things before they occurred, and you did a wonderful job of capturing it here!

This was a rough day to chase...poor visibility, major computer issues, etc.

I learned a lot and will keep getting better.

I was able to provide two good reports to Huntsville - one of a wall cloud in Lawrence - and the wall cloud I saw near Dodge City... damage was later associated with those storms.

A huge thank you, Dewdrop!!!

Dewdrop said...

My pleasure, Mike!!! Seriously!

Anytime you need a nowcasting, I'm here for you, man. I'll drag back out that crystal ball again. lol.

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

I really enjoyed watching and listening to you and Dew team up on the chase today. Great job guys and gals! Things have the potential to get interesting here starting around 4am.....i'll have my weather radio on and will head out if it is good.


Dewdrop said...

Mikey, did you end up heading out? Looked like the threat continued into the morning in your neck of the woods.

Mike said...

I hear things got bad over in NC....

It was truly an unforgettable adventure!