Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20th Storm Report - Norfolk, Va

Today a severe storm line moved through the southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina region. The storms were packed with 60mph wind gusts and 1.25" hail. There was damage all over the area. Here are some photographs and the chase video. Thanks to Dewdrop for the information during the chase!

Here is a video capture of an amazingly close lightning strike!

The Chase Video:



Dewdrop said...

Great captures, Mikey! It was my pleasure to keep an eye out for you. What a day yesterday turned out to be. Glad you got the chance to go out and play some... hoping to get my turn some today.

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Let me know. I'll guide you as I'm in front of a cpu all day today.


Dewdrop said...

Thanks, Mikey. As long as it's timed right, I am all over it.

Mike said...

Nice video....I especially liked the CTG strikes!