Monday, July 7, 2008

Chaser Convergence, 4th of July Style

You know, I can't get over all of the new friends I have made since I first got into storm chasing. It has been such a wonderfully blessing part of this fabulous hobby. I am so grateful to all my new friends. I can't wait to meet each and every one of you and get to meet you on our "tour of storm chasers". lol

I am so grateful to Meso Mike for hosting an abolsutely wonderful 4th of July celebration where I FINALLY met Meso Mike's charming wife, Carmen, and his kids from Italy, and the rest of his family was equally charming (sister and wife shown here coordinating our colors for the shot... lol). Awesome folks. Really awesome family. They welcomed us, as if we were! I couldn't get over how much Mike's middle niece looks like him... wow. Swimming, fishing, volleyball, and might I say, I have now learned that I am not nearly as young as I used to be. OUCH! I have been sore since. Apparently, I got a little too into the game. I would imagine several of the other adults are feeling the same pain... ibuprofen, the best recommendation I've got.Could make for embarassing video... be nice, Rick. I am almost scared to see it. Yikes, not sure I even want to contemplate...

As darkness started to descend upon us, Mike began setting up for a fireworks show extraordinaire. I don't even want to guess at how much Mike spent on that display, but I would say that it could have contended with a small town's display easily. Over a thousand boomers flying high over our heads with huge explosions of light and color, radiating the sky, causing the neighbors to stop their little splatter of light to catch a glimpse at the complete awesomeness. Seriously, I have NEVER seen a backyard show like that, complete with large flag and the singing of our National Anthem. Couldn't have been better! A huge THANK YOU to Meso Mike for hosting and bringing the show... to Papa Richard for offering up his house... to Granny Margaret and Papa Jim for making the long ride down, for Kim, Rodney and the kids, Matthew and the kids for making the trek over... Rick for offering his video talents and to bf and the kids, including Mini-Dew for making my 4th of July so special!!! Man, I really wish we had captured a group shot!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Next year! :O)Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!


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