Monday, August 18, 2008

Money's good it'll strike the pennisula....but where?

The dolphins at Marineland can draw better than this.....

ATTM: Rick's near Punta Gorda, FL with CNN (not really....just parked by the van once).

TS Fay's not made up her mind and has, therefore, confused all watching.

Rick found this graphic (then lost the link) here.

Happy and safe Fay-watching!!!


Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Wondering if Rick could 'pop-in' to my Aunt Mary's home in Venice and say "HI" to her for us! :)

Stay safe, our Storm Chasing Team!

Dewdrop said...

People keep asking me... what's going to happen with Fay...? Where is she headed...? Will we get rain...??? Apparently, people aren't getting how mysterious this chick is... look at her getting all pretty over FL. Cool storm.