Friday, August 15, 2008

Virginia Storms

For August, we had some nice storm cells fire up today as there was unusually cold air aloft for this time of year here in Virginia. I wouldn't by any means call this a chase, but I did seek out a good view once I could see the dark skies headed my way. We ended up with an SPC reported wind gust of over 57kts about 5 miles from my location. The storm slid just to my North, which gave me a rain free view and chance at some pictures. I didn't have my DLSR with me...i know, i know, i know! Just too hot to keep it in the car. The pictures from my iPhone came out pretty good considering. Here they are....unfortunately no video to show how fast these clouds were moving near the surface. Yes, I am keeping an eye on Fay and I may have successfully sent her into the Gulf and towards our friends in Georgia and Florida.


1 comment:

Dewdrop said...

No camera?! Ugh.

Great shots on the iPhone though, Mikey. Incredible! I love them. Excellent composition.