Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is Fall Around the Corner? (no severe weather content)

With the passage of that "little" squall line through southern Georgia & northern Florida, it got me thinking (dangerous activity, I know). Is this a sign of change? Think back to earlier this year....January or February. We'd get developing fronts that would (usually by the time it reached the Alabama-Georgia line) lose almost all of their steam and leave us with a pseudo or real squall line. We'd all get excited, but little to nothing would happen in southern Georgia (AKA no happy dew dance....for one of us). And Spring surely followed.

Global warming (whatever that really is all about) aside, does this yesterday's event mean that I get to wear a jacket soon? Or, is still going to be short-sleeve weather ..... until Christmas?

Pondering the meaning of all this.......those are my thoughts......what are yours???


Storm Chasing Mikey said...

My thoughts are 3 weeks with no rain and hardly a cloud, depressing times. I expected a nice fall cold front with some lift by now, but none to be found. Fall Severe Weather season is not a friend of mine so far in 2008.


Dewdrop said...

I think that's a good possibility. We were looking at similar weather last year around this time though. Sort of a fall preview, imo.

As for the "little squall"... even today's, still nothing for me... no happy dew dancing at my end. sigh.

Rick said...

Nada here..Got some much needed rain and only a rumble of thunder. Dewvoid? ;-) I wish Fall would make up its mind and come on down to the South. Like SCM mentioned, I would think there would have been more cold fronts dropping down and stirring the pot a bit already. Nothing to do but to wish and wait...

Christine said...

I'm waiting on the snow at this point. For the last 2 days that is what it has looked like it was going to do. I know Dew doesn't want it, but down here in Florida, every once in a while it is cool to see it! :D

Otherwise, it is crisp and grey days.