Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who turned on the weather?

Okay, I know I haven't said anything to anyone about this weekend, just because I didn't want to jinx the weather. So, who found out about the Fall Star Party, huh?? Did you really have to bring on the weather though? I know, I should be thrilled that someone somewhere is getting weather action, but not when people are trying to see stars, nebulae, galaxies and more!

Seriously though, I'm bummed, this is second year I haven't made it to the party. :( Whenever there is dark sky get-together and the weather turns, first thing anyone asks is - Who bought the new equipment?! And of course, members of CAV are already asking that very question. :D

So, if astronomers ask who got new equipment when weather turns yuck - what do chasers ask when weather is good? Who bought the new video camera? ;-)


Rick said...

Christine if you will look at that cute mug in the previous blog post, thats your answer..When we have no weather to play with or it goes around us to play havoc elsewhere who do we blame?? (Drum roll)..We blame the Dewdrop...AKA "The Dewvoid" The bane of chasers across the world..Scientists are currently studying the cause and poosible eradication of the Dewvoid, but it doesnt look promising right now...;-P

Dewdrop said...

It's all right, I can take it! Sorry Christine! Sounds like it would have been a great time! Perhaps, y'all could have it in Nevada... looks clear there. :D

Christine said...

;) You just get blamed for everything don't ya Dew?!

Hmmm.. Chiefland Star Party in Nevada. Naww.. just doesn't have the same feeling to it. laughs.

Thanks guys and gals. :)

Dewdrop said...

Yep, pretty much!