Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am almost embarrassed to share this because we made a very poor decision. Here is a video of how NOT to chase a severe thunderstorm. ABC 33/40 Skywatcher John Brown and I experienced this on CR 45 in Perry County yesterday. It is definitely worth sharing for the weather aspect, though. I am no expert and have not seen all of the radar images yet, but we may have been in a broad EF0 tornado. I say that because of the way the wind rapidly changed directions and briefly died down in the middle. We did see a tree down and some limbs down. A power pole was leaning but I don't know if that was from the storm or not. Hail was falling throughout almost the whole video.

I have to give a huge "thank you" to Jennifer and John for their help. Jennifer also blogged about this as it was happening.


Storm Chasing Mikey said... were in something there from 5-6min mark. You need a mount for your camera...were you holding that thing while you were hydroplaning? Nice video.


Dewdrop said...

I'm just relieved y'all are ok. I was terrified... never heard you say you'd call me back. You just vanished, and I, of course, thought the worst.

Rick said...

No thats what I'm talking about!!! Core punch!!!