Thursday, April 1, 2010

WeatheBrains Netcats

First and foremost, in this week's WeatherBrains netcast, listen to J.B. Elliott's "Miss Kitty" story! On a personal note, it was quite an honor to be mentioned by James Spann, Dr. Tim Coleman, J.B. Elliott, Kevin Selle, and Bill Murray toward the end of this week's (3/30/10) WeatherBrains Podcast. They all said some very kind words about me. If you get a chance to check it out, the part where I am mentioned is at the 1:05-1:08 point. I have even been invited to be a guest panelist for the week of May 17! I am looking forward to it.
Now that I am done "tooting my horn", I highly recommend this netcast to anyone who is interested in weather. I have listened to all 218 episodes. It is very entertaining and educational.
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