Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Allow myself to introduce...myself.

< eyes rolling with the Austin Powers quote I'm sure >


Of this infamous troup, I'm the one who navigates, so to speak.

For years now, I've been the SKYWARN Coordinator for SW Georgia and "officially" the District Emergency Coordinator for NWS Tallahassee within the Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). All that mouthful means is I'm the one who, within the ARES world, gets the administrative job of coordinating, training, and talking to spotters across Tallahassee's CWA in Georgia. I'm not employed by NWS or the federal government and all of my work is volunteer.

During busy times, I'll be found staring into the laptop, focused on the RADAR viewer by Gibson Ridge Software (http://www.grlevelx.com). From there, I'll have an amateur radio or two nearby and can request or relay information from the local spotter network. Or, likely, I'll have a cell phone up to one ear talking to Rick &/or Dew. It's a cool job, though....



Dewdrop said...

Great intro, General Reid!

Wayfarer said...

Yeah baby!..(another Austin Powers moment)


Anonymous said...

I bet Dew can talk wx for hours. Better have a mobile to mobile plan!

Wayfarer said...

Jeff, You have no idea...Sheeesh! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Dewdrop said...

LOL, what makes you say that, Jeff???

All I can say is that I'm glad that Alltel has the Circle of Friends. ;-)