Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh, I was here, looks like Tennessee Mike is already helping me out!!!

Mine... all mine!

I was actually out to dinner when this thing popped into view. I still hear some boomers, but I quickly pulled up GR to get trending when I heard the first booms around 8:30 this evening (estimate... I have no idea for sure), and grabbed my camera and flip flops and headed out the door, racing this beautiful beast headed south. Lightning was popping all around me, as my timing was just a little behind... but it sure was magnificent. I raced down the interstate, trying to find a far enough spot ahead of the action and a nice view. I don't usually chase in that direction, so it was a nice trial run for me. Found a spot near the air traffic control tower at the VLD airport with a nice view. Got some strange looks from some firefighters and snapped away... soon, lightning became much less frequent, and I was getting droopy eyed, so I called it a night without a catch, but before I lost all daylight, I did fire off this shot through the bug splattered windshield, a shot of my special little lightning filled (though still quite evasive) cell... grrr... I had fun though. That's what counts, right?

Happy, Carolina Mike?



Wayfarer said...

FLIP FLOPS!!!??? You chased in flip flops?? Oh this is getting good Dew!

Dewdrop said...

I never actually got out of the van since the lightning was popping all around me. I couldn't ever get far enough ahead of it to safely shoot, so I parked and set up the tripod through the open window... with bare feet!

Chasing bare foot! How 'bout them apples?! lol

Michael Detwiler said...

nice! Good thing you didn't stub your toe in flip-flops....that HURTS! :)

Great picture.

Dewdrop said...

Thanks, Mike. It was funny, when I chased in the plains, I wore my chase shoes, and the others were wearing sandals... Chasing barefoot is fun!!!