Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hooking up with Meso Mike

On Sunday, Rick and I got a rare treat. We got to visit with Meso Mike back from his tour in Korea and was (fortunately/unfortunately) in the area getting ready for his PCS to Germany... eww... not much storm chasetunities in Germany. Oh well, at least we got a chance to visit with him before he takes off. Rick and I went up to see him. Here's what I got with my new Rebel;).
Here's looking at you, kid.Us and our Dew Dancin' BuddhasThe crewThat's right, we're bad, we know it.Dew Dancin' Buddha!!
Always an adventure when you get the Dew involved...


Wayfarer said...

....always. ;-)

Mark H. Pillsbury said...

storm-chaser #fiction at my blog:
two young chasers caught in the TX wildfires... fiction ripped from the headlines! Enjoy!