Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chasing a South Georgia Beast! Finally!

I guess sometimes, you just have to do what you feel largely compelled to do. Opportunities to chase in South Georgia don't present themselves often... but on Tuesday, I was presented with just that. A beautiful storm was approaching from the west as part of a MCS. An isolated cell demonstrated for me some of the most beautiful storm structure I have ever seen in this part of the country. A long shelf cloud swept across much of the sky, with exceptional low clouds rumbling beneath, the front was forcing this mesocyclone ever closer, so rapidly. Every second, it transformed into something new, and I struggled to find the best viewing location. As I approached it, I saw a lowered section of the cloud base, that very well could have been a wall cloud, but I was so far away, I didn't feel comfortable making that call. When I got closer, I couldn't find that part of the structure at all, so I will never know. Well, as this amazing cell approached and eventually overtook me, I decided that I had no other option. I had to chase! Quick call to hubby to let him know, I would be home even later (I had stayed late at work)... and I was on my way, nothing but the sky as my guide. I chased that puppy across three counties and road options, storm speed, and probably just the cell merging with others along the way, precluded a secondary intercept, but I had a blast! I really need that laptop!

Anyway, some other member of the team posted below... please either scroll to check those stories or click on the links following... Alabama Mike intercepted a wall cloud yesterday and General Reid had the opportunity to also experience a shelf cloud on Tuesday. Got a little creative with my links there guys.

Good chases, if I don't say so myself... and I dew.... ehem... do.



Mike said...

Expect the unexpected...that should be one of our mottos!

Dewdrop said...

Awesome motto!!!