Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mikey's travels to Gulfport and quickly back again...

I've been getting updates from Storm Chasing Mikey who traveled for work to Gulfport, MS yesterday, sending me a pic of Gustav's remnants over the Gulf...Then, he indicated that...
"Plane was full of FEMA responders, already preparing for Ike. New Orleans doesn't want to bring everyone back and then have to send them out again. What a nightmare."
Upon landing, he shared a photograph of I-90, which was washed out by Gustav's storm surge.When I noticed that there was oncoming traffic... (click on the pic to enlarge it)... he said that
"No traffic on i90."
... and he added,
"The damage from Katrina here is still staggering. Definitely some minor damage from Gustav."

Today, I got another message from Mikey, including a pic of the towers still going up in the GOM ... and a note that...
"State of emergency just declared for southeastern Va by Govenor. I'm heading home from Gulfport to prepare."
Mikey will start posting tonight and get a livecam going.

Safe travels, Mikey!


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