Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrities in the midst of the team...

During the chase event in Alabama on February 18, 2009, Alabama Mike encountered a rotating supercell with an outrageous hail core, which actually left ACCUMULATIONS of hail in its wake!

Mike recorded the chase, including my voice, as I offered data support, while he tandem chased with our new storm chaser friend, John Brown. Travis Vaughn, with the Perry County (Alabama) Herald discovered Mike's video, and he contacted him about an article in their weekly publication, as a human interest story, which made the front page!!! The part about Mike being a NWS trained storm chaser made me laugh. When I thanked Travis for sending me a copy of the paper, I mentioned it, and he responded that,
"Well, what I meant was that he had gone to a class or two about the weather. I certainly didn't mean that the NWS had a storm chasing class...but it did sound that way!"
With the storms training over the same area this past Friday, I was in touch with Travis to warn him about what was coming, and he shared some updates with me, including a great capture of a shelf cloud as a tornado warned cell passed through the northern part of his county and the tornado sirens were going off. I was watching the storm while John chased it, and I offered him some radar and guidance support.This was Travis's shot as he looked due north from the courthouse square in Marion, AL.

Here is a radar capture of what was going on at the time.~Dew

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Beth Niquette said...

How absolutely cool and exciting! I love weather--and I envy you your wonderful adventure!!