Friday, July 20, 2007

Cookeville Weather Guy Bio

Thanks for inviting me to post on your fine blog.

A little about me! I'm married to a wonderful lady and we have one daughter who is 13. We also have another on the way. You can see her site by clicking here. She should arrive around October 22nd. I work in the Outdoor Advertising business (5+ years) and enjoy the work.. My weather background is quite fun. I lived in Xenia, Ohio (yep, that Xenia..home of the April 4th Super Outbreak from 1974).

I've lived in Baltimore, Maryland (home of Hurricane Agnes!)...we've also lived in Picayune, MS which was heavily damaged by Hurricane's Camille and Katrina.

Because of this history, I'm a weather nut! Moved to Tennessee in 1976 and love the weather here. We get a little of everything. I went to enlist in the Air Force to go into their Meteorology Program and right before leaving, my appendix ruptured delaying my enlistment. In that time, my job closed and I was going to have to do 'what they wanted' and not weather!, that didn't work out.

Continued to plug along earning a living, but watching the weather all the time. Last year, I was able to land a daily gig on a news show as the Weather Man! What a lasted about 6 months before the man who produced the News Show decided to shut it down. My hope is that someone else will pick it up and I can continue doing it. My wife would like for me to have a paying gig and that might happen one day! For now, I enjoy blogging about the weather and recently won the Best Blog of The Day award from Famous Blogs. That was quite a shock. Thanks for including me in the Brigade. I look forward to having a great time with this!


Wayfarer said...

Great to have you aboard Mike. It seems that weather seems to follow you around. Hmmmmm. This could come in handy when the "Dewvoid" is in full effect. Look forward to some chaser convergence and meeting you..

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Rick! Yep, I've lived in some places that have had some interesting weather throughout the years. Where we live today was hit during the Super Outbreak of Tornadoes back in 1974....10 were killed here in Cookeville.

Wayfarer said...

I remember that as a child. I was terrified of tornadoes.

Dewdrop said...

Welcome aboard, Tennessee Mike!!! Quite a wx history!

Mike Wilhelm said...

I remember the Superoutbreak from Huntsville. TN Mike, have you seen "Day of the Killer Tornadoes?"